Diecasting machines - Hot-Chamber Diecasting Machine - Vertic. - FRECH W20Zn

Hot-Chamber Diecasting Machine - Vertic.


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Year / Condition:
2020 / Gebraucht 
Control unit:
PLC (Datadialog)
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FCA (Incoterms 2010) 
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Technical specs


closing pressure:
240 kN
clamping plate:
380x380 mm
distance between columns:
250x250 mm
weight of the machine ca.:
3,1 t
lock stroke:
180 mm
capacity of ejector:
28 kN
ejector stroke:
50 mm
height of form:
120-300 mm
column diameter:
45 mm
casting capacity:
43 kN
casting plunger stroke:
85 m/m
injection plunger diameter:
36,40,45 mm
casting volume (DIN 24480):
47,63,87 cm ³
volume cast pressure:
420,340,270 da/cm²
casting area:
56,70,88 cm 2
Traverse Stroke:
150 m/m


Locking unit cover for drop through area
Locking unit cover for drop through area -with scale / chute
Electrically driven safety door in casting direction left
Machine positioning mounting pads
Machine interior illumination
Convenience package - energy efficiency -
Ejector plus package
Securing of ejector platen
Machine assistance system SensiLock
Hydraulic adjustment of locking unit for shot positioning
Nitrogen pressure control for piston accumulator
Multi-Chamber Furnace with pump (surcharge)
Isolated cover for crucible multi chamber furnace
Prefilling process
Simplified piston removal
Piston stop during return stroke
Electric nozzle and gooseneck heating (extended version)
Shut-off facility for hydraulic locking and shot end
Integrated water circuit 2+4 circuits
Machine control DATADIALOG - Realtime Control (RC)
Convenience package - casting -
Ejector Pressure graphics DATADIALOG
Data logging scope
Inputs and outputs 6x, programmable
Digital interface for Non-Frech extractor (Dispo 10)
Serial interface for 4 heating + cooling circuits (ROBAMAT)
Hanging operating desk with monitor
Service Package RSD with Switch for each additional machine
Software adaption for each machine for CSV connection
CSV-package "production data"
CSV-package "quality data"
CSV-package "casting grafic"
CSV data package "Reports"
Spraymotion 411 E with servo drive, 1-circuit
Extended spraying program for spraymotion
Lubricant container TD 20
Spray rail CR 155
Low noise chute

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Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG

Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG

Schorndorfer Straße 3273614 Schorndorf-Weiler Phone: +49-(0)7181-70 21 59Fax: +49-(0)7181-70 22 54 

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