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1992/ 2018 
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Technical specs


turning diameter:
1300 mm
turning length:
9000 mm
total power requirement:
110 kW
210 mm
Distance between centers:
10000 mm
centre height:
750 mm
turning diameter over slide:
820 mm
Diameter over the bed with covers:
1300 mm
Range of spindle speeds:
5-1200 min-1
Max. permissible torque:
8000 Nm
Diameter of the spindle bore:
120 mm
Diameter of the spindle on the front bearing:
220 mm
spindle taper:
130 metric
steel cross cut max.:
40x40 mm
Width of the top guide of the support:
545 mm
Tailstock guideway width:
455 mm
Width of the bed guideways:
1075 mm
Width of the guide of the cross slide:
600 mm
Width of the bed at the foot:
1085 mm
Max. Weight between centres without steady rest:
12000 kg
Max. weight between the centres with steady rest:
16000 kg
Max. Weight flying (300 mm in front of the faceplate):
3000 kg
Diameter of the tailstock quill:
200 mm
Travel of the quill from the tailstock:
400 mm
Tailstock centre cone:
6 MK
Transverse displacement of the tailstock in 2 directions:
40 mm
Travel speed of the tailstock:
2500 mm/min
Diameter of the faceplate:
1000 mm
Dimensins of the machine (LxWxH):
13.300 x 3.000 1.750 mm
Weight of the machine approx.:
36000 kg


Actual control SIEMENS SIN840Dsl incl. software package Operate
Operator Panel OP15
Absolute measuring systems for X-,Y- and Z-axis
Digital servo motors for the X,Y,Z and C axis
C-axis incremental
1000 mm diameter faceplate with 4 reversible jaws
Tailstock electrically movable and hydraulically clamped
2 pieces steady rests operable via control unit
1 piece C shape steady rest with removable top part
Six pieces angled driven tool holders
Hydraulic three jaw chuck
Several tool tapers
Chip conveyor
Air conditioned control cabinet
Electronical hand wheel


Machine bed:
-Strong bed casting of original Meehanite cast iron.
-Support and tailstock guide ways induction hardened and ground. High hardness and small porosity value
-Fribbed, aveolar structure, very high stiffness to avoid vibrations
-The bed is prepared for the installation of a chip conveyor, allowing the rapid clearance of chips and coolant.
-Third guideway for the support; it absorbs the pressure during the machining of large workpieces
-Fixing in the foundation with suitable leveling groups and fixators
-The support and the tailstock run on independent guideways; no interference during their run.

-Richly dimensioned and massive structure that ensures a high torque
-2 spindle speed ranges, with automatic engagement. In each range, the stepless speed is controlled by the numerical control.
-Front bearing of spindle angular contact ball bearing, center bearing double row roller bearing.
-All gears made of hardened and ground Cr.Ni.steel
-All shafts dynamically and statically balanced
- Automatic lubrication of all moving parts

-The support runs on the bed track, and has 4 adjustment bars with automatic lubrication.

Further details of the overhaul work:
- Modernization of all axes to a new control system from SIEMENS type SIN 840Dsl, max. axes/spindles.
Control panel with operator panel OP15
15" TFT screen
Machine control panel MCP483C,19" wide with mechanical keys
Software package Operate
PLC components SIMATIC S7-300
-digital servo motors for X,Y,Z and C axis (make SIEMENS 1FK7)
-completely new air-conditioned control cabinet
- New measuring systems (absolute) for the X-,Y- and Z-axis
- New measuring system for the spindle and C-axis incremental
- New documentation incl. circuit diagrams, PLC program, etc.
- Sealing air supply unit for the measuring systems
-Safe monitoring of axis speeds and spindle speeds
Renewal of the electrical equipment
-Replacement of the machine wiring
-Renewal of the wiring to the built-in parts on the machine
-Renewal of the terminal boxes on the main support

Geometric and mechanical partial overhaul:

Machine bed
- Mobile milling of the undergrip track (central guiding track in the direction of the tailstock)
- Renewal of the lower steel strip (support track)

Cross support (X-, Y-, and Z-axis)
-Renewal of all sliding supports in the X-, Y- and Z-axis (gluing, milling and scraping)
-Renewal of all wedge bars and lower grips with new glide pads in Bornzekeke new scraping in
-inspection of the metron clamps in the lower handles and wedges, change of metron washers
- Repair of bed lubrication, compact pump unit SKF/ Vogel, lubrication lines and metering valves
-Inspection of the Z-axis drive (master-slave) incl. installation of the new servo motors
-repair of the KGT of the X-axis incl. new end bearings

Steady rest support
- Renewal of all slide linings in the X-, Y- and Z-axis (gluing, milling and scraping)
- Renewal of the wedge bars and lower grips with new sliding linings incl. new scraping in
- Repair of bed lubrication, compact pump unit SKF/ Vogel, lubrication lines and metering valves
-inspection of the metron clamps in the lower handles and wedges, change of metron disks

Main spindle gearbox
renewal of the wiring
replacement of the defective valves
Hydraulics resealed
Maintenance of circulating lubrication

-renewal of the tailstock center punch shaft bearing compl. incl. gasket
-Replacement of the fixed piping with new flexible piping in the cable tunnel
-maintenance of the hydraulic system and cleaning
Cable chains
-Renewal of the cable chains
- 2x for the steady rests in covered form
Chip management
-New chip conveyor of similar design and size as the previous one from AXA Anlagenbau

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