Grinding machines - Internal and Face Grinding Machine - KRAFT (E-tech) KGM 350

Internal and Face Grinding Machine

KRAFT (E-tech) KGM 350

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Technical specs


internal diameter:
400  mm
grinding depth:
260 mm
swing diameter:
500 mm
max. tool weight:
50 kg
spindle nose:
für Werkstückantrieb: A2-5 ASA
Rotation speed of workhead :
0 - 1000  1/min
swiveling workpiece drive:
Werkstückantrieb: 420 mm
Schleifspindel 1: 350 mm
350 mm
feeds X-axis:
Werkstückantrieb: 0~10,000 mm/min
feeds Y-axis:
Schleifspindel 1: 0~10,000 mm/min
feeds Z-axis:
Schleifspindel 2:0~10,000 mm/min
X-axis min. travel unit:
Werkstückantrieb: 0.0001 mm
Y-axis min. travel unit:
Schleifspindel 1: 0.0001 mm
Z axis min. travel unit:
Schleifspindel 2: 0.0001 mm
workhead motor:
1.8 kw
grinding motor:
3.75Kw / 13Nm (Y-/Z-Achse )
Weight approx.:
5,8 t
Machine size (LxWxH):
3350x2250x1950 mm


CNC controller:
Mitsubishi controller (M80) mit Zyklenunterstützung 
servo motors
in der X-Achse von Heidenhain 
autom. sensing device for grinding wheel
linear scales and ballscrew:
in allen Achsen 
grinding wheel dresser:
fully enclosed
tool box
technical documentation in German language
signal lamp
heat exchanger for electr. cabinet
complete cooling system:
40/min, 120L 
Oil-coolant separator:
von LOSMA 

hydr. chuck
paper and magnetic filter
3-jaw chuck
steady rests
oil mist collector
machine base made of poly granite
grinding spindles

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